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Fics - "A Change In Routine" and "Ritual" 
21st-Aug-2011 06:01 pm
Title: Ritual
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Spencer Reid
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Word Count: 759
Summary: Sometimes it's nice to be mothered a bit.
A/N: Written for Case 8 Challenge 9: Garcia Week over at crimeland

There's comfort to be found in ritual.

Title: A Change In Routine
Pairing: Hotch/Garcia
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 848
Summary: Change is inevitable, even with the most hard-set routines. Aaron Hotchner learns to accept the inevitable with the help of Penelope Garcia.
A/N: Written for seraphina_snape’s prompt - Hotch & Garcia (or Hotch/Garcia), late nights at the office. Thanks, sera! I hope you like it!

They’d slipped into a routine, quickly and more easily than he’d imagined possible.
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