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Penelope Garcia is Love

A Place for Garcia Fans

Penelope Garcia Fans!
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[1] Posts must relate to Garcia in one way or another.
[2] She doesn't have to be the main focus of a fic or an icon batch but if you're linking to it, she has to at least be in it.
[3] You don't have to post new things! Why not go through your fic/icon/video back-catalogue and put a link to something? Chances are people reading this comm might have missed it first time around; you get some more reviews and this comm gets more in it - win win!
[4] Play nice; you don't have to like a ship someone else likes but keep discussion civalised.
[5] No Garcia bashing, but critism of her character is allowed as long as it's not just "she sucks mwahahahahaha"
[6] You can promote your comm but only once a month and it has to relate to Criminal Minds in some way (though it doesn't have to be Garcia Specific); I think that's fair enough :)

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